September 24, 2022:
Only available at the 2022 Fall Bellevue Porchella – stickers!
$2/ea – all proceeds go to the BCA & funding this event.

Only 150 available!

Look for these being sold at the event – $2 in cash is king, but will accept Venmo

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Please become a member of the Bellevue Civic Association – a bargain at only $15/yr it helps our neighborhood offer these unique and vibrant events! Join now!

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Be Responsible

Help keep Porchella going. The permit issued by the City of Richmond to close some streets is not an ABC license and VA Code 4.1-308 states that drinking or offering alcohol to others in public is a class 4 misdemeanor. VA ABC Agents, State Police and local enforcement can all issue citations which, if convicted, … Continue reading Be Responsible

Spring 2022 Bands

Spring Bellevue Porchella Band Registration is now closed. We are now mapping and planning out set lists from those bands who’ve made it in! See you all April 23rd!

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