L to R: Brooke Ullman, Summer Gentry, Rob McAdams, Johnny Utterback and Jami Bricker

A Live Music Walk from 1-7 PM for Bellevue Musicians and Residents.

Bellevue Porchella was created in Fall 2020 during the Covid-19 global pandemic. Designed as an event to bring the neighborhood together, this event was quickly embraced and demand warranted it held twice annually: spring and fall.
Friends and neighbors share in the talented sounds created by our local musicians playing on porches and in their front yards.

Porchella Team


Brooke Ullman created this idea and, thanks to the many neighbors who loved the idea and helped, was successful in making this idea come to life! She continues to be involved where and when she can & serves as a liaison for various needs.

Band Mom

Summer Gentry works directly with bands to line-up the players and to match locations with smart flow as her top-of-mind goal. Summer understands that orchestrating this event takes balance and experience with what bands want & need.


Jami Bricker started as our social media specialist but most posts are now handled by the current Bellevue Civic Association team leads. Jami works with volunteers to match the needs with the people who give their time to help put this event together. Jami attends the BCA meetings (and you should, too!).

Map Guy

Rob McAdams is more than just the map guy working with bands to get bio info, photos and details together so that patrons can walk along catching all the sweet music they can. Additional roles: logistics, marketing man, connector.


Johnny Utterback created the iconic logo we use for this event and brings a skill of layout & design to the flyers, posters, and changing color selections for each seasonal event. He helps update the merch each season, update your colorful wears here: https://www.bonfire.com/store/bellevue-porchella/